About KBEV

KBEV is a student television station in Beverly Hills, California. The KBEV studios are located inside of Beverly Hills High School. KBEV is shown on Time Warner Cable, now Spectrum, on Channel 6 to 100,000 homes in and around Beverly Hills.

Executive Media Director: Prof. Romeo Carey

Sr. Chief Engineer: Dave "Dusty" Stiles

Sr. Supv. Producer: Ryan Damavandi

KBEV History

KBEV, originally called "Information Retrieval", was started in 1968 in a bungalow on the front lawn by Dave "Dusty" Stiles. An early form of programming-on-demand, audio and video content was transmitted over cables wired to the high school library and to select classrooms at the high school. Audio programs played on reel to reel tape were sent to the elementary schools over telephone lines, rented from the phone company, to study carrels in the libraries at each of the schools. KBEV began active cable operations in 1974 with Theta Cable, whose successors were Group W Cable, Century Cable, Adelphia Cable, Time Warner Cable and currently Spectrum Cable. KBEV's channel designation began as Channel L. It later became Channel N, then Channel E, then Channel 26, and now it is Channel 6 KBEV. The Media Center has provided continuous cable programming to the Beverly Hills community for 42+ years.

What We've Shot

  • Leila's Talk Show with Leila Vahabzadeh
  • Meet Up With Austin with Austin Fuhrman
  • The Danesh Show with Noah Danesh
  • Back To Beverly with Dillon Curtis
  • BHEF Town Hall Meeting with Jonathan Prince, Dillon Curtis & Nikkie Sedeghat
  • BHHS Live Open House with Romeo Carey, Nikkie Sedeghat, Dillon Curtis & Karen S. Kahen
  • City Limits with Karen S. Kahen
  • City Limits: on The Road Edition with Karen S. Kahen
  • Excuse The Interruption with James Cha, Dillon Curtis, Andy Lee
  • How Hollywood Works with Molly Hersh
  • KBEV Klassics
  • KBEV 2010 Live BHUSD Election Night Coverage Hosted by Dillon Curtis with Nikkie Sedeghat
  • Meet & Greet
  • Art Gallery
  • MorTorq TV
  • Norman of Love with Oliver Bogner
  • Skip E. Lowe Looks at Hollywood with Skip E. Lowe
  • Shoush 2 Nite with Ryan Shoushani
  • Teenz in da 'Hood
  • Teen Talk
  • The MindField
  • The Movie Gist
  • House of Anubis with Tal Shooshani
  • Clubbing@BHHS with Rachel Gilbert
  • Parham Talks Girls with Parham Senehipour
  • BHHS Football
  • BHHS Basketball
  • The Norman News
  • The Norman Update
  • KBEV Unplugged
  • LA Influence 
  • 2018 Skills USA News