SkillsUSA Broadcast News Written Test 3

Vocab Words 


An acronym for "man on street" interview, in which a reporter on location gets spontaneous sound bites comprised of reactions to a story from members of the public. Also referred to as "vox populi.


NAT Package

A type of pre-produced package that has no reporter track; the only audio is the natural sound of the video being shown. It may also use interview sound bites. Often used to convey the mood or atmosphere at a scene or an event.


NAT Sound

Natural sound on video that the microphone picks up. Example: Including sound of a rally with video of a rally.


OC or On Cam

Abbreviation for "on camera."


On Camera Bridge or OC Bridge

The reporter appearing on camera in the middle of the story. Used for transition between voiceovers or soundbites, or when there is no video to talk over.


Open-Ended Question

A question phrased in a way that encourages a source to give a lengthy, in-depth answer—as opposed to a closed-ended question designed to elicit a yes/no answer.



The final three or four words of a news package, included in scripts to signal to the anchor and control room staff when the package is about to end so they can cue the next element in the program.


Over the Shoulder Graphic or OTS

A graphic that appears over the anchor's shoulder.



A pre-recorded, pre-produced news story, usually by a reporter, with track, sound, B-roll, and possibly a stand-up.


POV or Point-of-View Shot

B-roll shot from the perspective of the subject, illustrating what the subject sees or saw at a given moment.


Production Element

Any piece of audio which is intended for use within the final mix, i.e. jingles, music, sound effects, and other station-specific audio.



Promotional announcement. In effect, an advertisement for a program a station or channel is carrying.



Phonetic spelling of word in story, placed in copy behind correctly spelled word.



Abbreviation for "Public Service Announcement."


Raw Video

Unedited video, just as it was shot.



A script read entirely by the anchor on camera, without sound bites or video.



A live shot from the field, where a satellite truck is required to transmit the image.



An electronic or paper form created by the line producer of a news broadcast. Gives specific details of every element in a newscast, including the order of stories, video, audio, and graphic elements and timing for each.



A full-screen graphic, shown on screen before the beginning of pre-produced video which identifies the story title, the reporter's name, and the total running time. Only for newsroom use; not meant for broadcast.



The name given to a story for newsroom use.