SkillsUSA Broadcast News Written Test 4

Vocab Words 

SOT or Sound Bit
"Sound on Tape." A recorded comment, usually audio and video, from a news source other than the anchor, narration, or voiceover, played during a news story. Usually an edited portion of a larger statement.

A commercial.

Lining up stories within a newscast based on their important and relationship to one another.

A full rehearsal of the show.

A reporter speaking to camera, not covered by video.

A still image as opposed to a moving video image. Stills can be used to illustrate a story and can sometimes be displayed over track or interview clips instead of video footage.

A brief piece of music, typically less than fifteen seconds, used to punctuate the end of a segment or story. The sting is often the station's own jingle.

Sweeps Week
The week in which a station's viewership is monitored and rated.

An instruction given to the control room to cut to another camera or video source.

A paragraph at the end of a news story, usually delivered by the anchor, that provides additional information or sums up the item.

A short description of an upcoming story designed to keep the viewer watching through commercial breaks.

Tight on
A direction to the camera crew to zoom in on a subject so that they fill the shot (e.g. "Tight on anchor/guest.")

When an anchor or reporter turns over a portion of the show to another anchor or reporter

The reporter's written and recorded script in a news package.

The act of recording a script.

"Total running time." The length of an edited package.

Most often an interview guest and the back of the reporter's head. Also used to refer to any shot including two people; two anchors at a single news desk, for instance.

Chopping off the beginning of the audio or video of a shot or video story. Opposite of downcut.

Video Journalist or VJ
A reporter who shoots his or her own video and may even edit it. Also referred to as a "Multimedia Journalist."

A name for a photographer or cameraperson.

"Voiceover" followed by "sound on tape." A news script, usually read live, that includes video, track, and at least one sound bite.

A semi-transparent graphic, usually the station's logo, placed in one corner of the broadcast feed.

The practice of annotating a news script to denote which words should be spoken with emphasis.