KBEV Norman Update | April 23, 2018


Showrunner: Prof. Romeo Carey

Producers: Ryan Damavandi, Noah Danesh, Arian Tabibian

Chief Engineer: Dusty Stiles

-> Also, at the 2018 Skills USA California SATE Competition. KBEV brings home the back to back GOLD Award for Broadcast Production and the 3rd GOLD Radio Award for Beverly Hills High School. KBEV will now move to the NATIONAL Competition again. Now this is: "What's right about Beverly"

Additionally, KBEV will be Hosting/ Live Streaming the BHHS Debates. The Live Streams will be streamed at kbev6.com/live as always. Schedule:
4-23-18 12:15PM Sophmore Debate
4-24-18 12:15PM Junior Debate
4-25-18 1:10PM Senior Debate
4-27-18 1:10PM Head Row Debate

Also on Thursday 4-26 KBEV will be Live Streaming the KBEV Open House Show hosted by Dave "Dusty" Stiles. Link kbev6.com/live